You Can Still Enjoy Sweets

Add healthy bakery items to your meal prep

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you have to avoid sweets entirely. Our team at AK Preps & Bakery wanted to create healthy, delicious bakery items so our clients could enjoy dessert without any worry. All our bakery items are fresh and made-in-house.

Indulge in your favorite desserts. Stop by our bakery today to pick up some healthy sweet treats.

Delicious and healthy options

You don't have to choose between flavor and nutrition. AK Preps and Bakery has a large selection of bakery items that are healthy and delicious. Some of our most popular bakery items include...

  • 100-calorie Oreo cheesecakes
  • Diabetic-friendly doughnuts
  • Protein-packed muffins

Start your morning with strawberry-banana French toast or chocolate chip cookie dough protein doughnuts. We also offer chocolate and peanut butter crumble bars for your afternoon sweet tooth.

Visit us today or call us at (215) 501-4174 to add some healthy bakery items to your meal prep order.

Healthy & Sweet Choices