Being Australian/Macedonian, I come from a background of different customs, environments, and way of life. Although different in my upbringing, I shared a ubiquitous struggle that many people face across the world. My physical health has plagued my life since I was a teenage girl, and like most, I tried every available solution there was to remedy my issue. For years my struggle continued to affect my way of life, and it wasn't until my physical health came in between what I love most, my family, did I come to the realization this struggle had to become a source of positive change.

A fellow friend, aka "Big Q", came into my life at a time when seeking "solutions" was no longer an option, I needed the "solution". I took the initiative to begin engulfing my self into the world of fitness AND health. With the combination of my self-taught knowledge of nutrition and fitness, Big Q's expertise, and the powerful love of my family pushing my resolve to new heights; I began to not only change my physical appearance but more importantly my lifestyle. I invested my energy into adopting a way of life that compelled me to seek more knowledge and wisdom about this foreign way of living. This new journey led to more than just physical fitness, but also macro-nutrition. As aforementioned, my Australian heritage was founded upon a wealth of cooking experience as a young girl. My love for cooking manifested into my new journey and culminated itself into meal preparation.

Meal prepping became a staple of my journey and morphed into something more powerful than I could imagine. It became my purpose. Aussie's Kitchen is more than just a brand or business, it's a symbol; a symbol that represents the internal the struggle that resides in all of us who strive to be the very best for not only ourselves but for our loved ones. Struggle, Realization, and Purpose; this is the mission that my wonderful life has given me the opportunity to manifest through Aussie's Kitchen. It's only right that I do my part in sharing my purpose with the world! "Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well"